Cultivating the life you deserve!

You are a manifestation of your thoughts and actions and healthy habits create healthy habitats.  Dr Cat will enable you to identify your core values and re-evaluate negative beliefs, to build a more prosperous life.  Using a series of unique tools - acquired through over twenty years of personal development practices - Dr Cat integrates health and well-being modalities to mentor individual success.

  • Two thirty minute coaching sessions per week, via Skype
  • Homework – applied learning to reinforce healthy habits
  • Unlimited access to Dr Cat’s WhatsApp number
  • Access to all online programs
  • Whole brain training to support healthy cognition
  • Mindfulness strategies (including immersion and breathing techniques) to develop a conscious mindset
  • Nutrition and fitness tips
  • CosMedicine to create harmony between one’s external appearance and internal self - Dr Cat customises innovative, non- surgical facial enhancement and restorative techniques.

Selected recipients explore Dr Cat’s lifestyle tools and restorative CosMedicine treatments to thrive in a competitive world, prevent the ageing process and increase confidence.